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    Made of Clear silicone which is flexible, resistant to tearing, durable, and reusable,
    quickly resile after pull or pinch, which helps you easily pull your object out from the mold
    The silicone molds are easy for you to pull things in with the droppers and pull out easily, also they can be cleaned quickly
    The resin jewelry molds can make a good shape for rings used with resin, polymer clay, gum paste, PMC, wax;
    You also can add some beads, glitter, colors, and patterns as decoration.
    Material: silicone
    Color: white
    Shape: Sphere Cube, Square Cube, star, moon, etc.

    Quantity: 1 Set

    1. Please stay away from sharp objects
    2. Please prevent children from using it alone
    Package includes:
    1 Set x Silicone Mold.

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